Billing Policy

Effective August 1, 2024, Sunrise Counseling Center will require a credit, debit, or HSA card be on file for all therapy patient accounts. We understand that there are extenuating circumstances where adhering to this policy may not be possible. In those cases we ask that you contact our office so we can discuss an individual solution for you. We believe the implementation of this new policy will be beneficial to our clients, making it much easier to track payments and prevent accumulating balances on accounts. Your card information will be used to process the cost of your session and will be processed via our HIPAA-compliant payment system. If you are a self-pay client this will be the full cost of your session. If you are using your insurance you will be billed according to your insurance's stated patient responsibility. It may be necessary that you are charged the full rate of your session until your insurance has been adjudicated, at which time you will be contacted with your updated policy rates and any credits on your account refunded. All credit card information will be stored in a HIPAA compliant platform and will only be used for the purpose of patient responsibility payments and any applicable no show or late cancellation fees.

Your card information will only be used for the following purposes:

  • Session payments not collected at the time of your visit

  • No-show or late cancellation fees

  • Insurance discrepancies

  • Any outstanding balances 31 days beyond the date of service