Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories

A breakthrough cognitive therapy demonstrating a 90% success rate in treating PTSD

Are you tired of your trauma controlling your life?

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What is Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM©) Protocol Therapy?

The focus of RTM is to separate the traumatic feelings from the memories using a relaxed reimaging process. You are guided to dissociate yourself from the traumatic memories and while separated from feelings of fear, terror or helplessness, make changes, so that the memory no longer signals fight, flight or danger. Following RTM treatment, people find they are no longer feel preoccupied with trauma events and their nightmares and flashbacks no longer trouble them.

silhouette of person holding their fist in the air
silhouette of person holding their fist in the air
RTM aims to...
  • Alleviate flashbacks and nightmares

  • Eliminate re-living stressful events, including negative physical reactions like sweating, muscular tensions and heart pounding.

  • Improve sleep, concentration, and emotional control.

  • Reduce hypervigilance

  • Increase freedom in thought and action

What will you be doing during an RTM session?

Over approximately 3-4 individual therapy sessions:

  • You will be asked about flashbacks and nightmares and trauma related events in a way this is non traumatizing

  • You will be given directions that will help you stay calm and relaxed

  • You will practice the visual formats that are key to the RTM process

  • You will learn how to create dissociation and get distance from the event

  • You will notice how the physical sensations related to the events decrease during each session

  • You will find the RTM Protocol steps easier and easier to do with each session.

”RTM helped ease the reactionary trauma I had surrounding the death of a loved one. Going through the RTM treatment process allowed me to gain control over my PTSD symptoms and ease into the grief process and begin to heal fully from my trauma.”

- K. S.

News10 ABC has a more in-depth video showing the experiences of a combat veteran who achieved success in reclaiming his life through RTM therapy.

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